We make custom hats- Western hats, Straw hats,Dress hats,
For J.W hat customers when they would like to have a new hat made. All they have to do is call JW and give him the code number in side the sweatband and they can pull up all the information from your last hat order. If you would like any changes just tell JW what changes you would like He will have the basics to work with.
For a new hat  The best results at home  is to have someone measure your head with a soft sewing tape measure. Have the person rap the tape around your head put a finger just above the ear. Or put the tape where you like to wear your hat.
This give you the head measurement like 22 1/2 is a size 7 1/8. Any questions just e-mail JW or phone.
From these simple measurements we can make your hat. When you tell us the shape you want  your brim.
Just  E-MAIL J.W For his toll free number and he can walk you through it       Step by Step if needed
                                 COMPLETE RENOVATION
                         PLUS - Shipping and Handling -  tax
                           Allow 2 weeks for shipping
                   Western Hat                   Half & Half
                  -7X   $275.00                 Priced at time
                 10X   $375.00           Depending on Quality
                 30 X  $575.00                   
                With 5 inch Brims $35.00 More
                                     PanamA Straw hats
                                      $250.00 to $5,000
                                 Depending on Quality
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Contact us:
2354 south Redwood Road West Valley City, Utah 84119 Phone 1-801-977-0676
FAX 801-975-7408
  E-MAIL  jw@jwhats.com